Let’s Talk About CBD Strains

Suppose you happen to use Cannabis, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes; you likely know that there are numerous strains available. Knowing this may indeed result in confusion or an overwhelming feeling.

How will you choose which edible, for smoking, pain, or different usage?

It would help if you understood what Cannabis and some of the different CBD strains are. Fortunately, this article can help you with that.

So, What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) are naturally occurring substances that do not have psychoactive effects. Hence, it will not give you a high feeling. However, a small percentage of the minority may still feel altered after consuming it, but it is very unlikely.

Moreover, it is also very famous for its wide array of benefits like pain relief and relaxation.


CBD strain is synonymous with hemp strain or cannabis strain. The only difference is that the focus is on the content of the CBD strain, not its other qualities.

A CBD strain is expected to have a high concentration of CBD, thus, maximizing the benefits you can receive from it. It may not or may have high levels of THC, but various strains high in CBD usually have minimal psychoactive quantities.

Some of The Most Prevalent CBD Strains

Below are among the most well-known CBD strains in the industry:

1. Valentine X

Valentine X is a hybrid with equivalent parts Sativa and Indica. It is popularly used for several health issues such as seizure disorders, inflammation, and even cancer.

The name is inspired by St. Valentine, the patron saint for epilepsy. It is a condition where CBD is mostly used.

2. Trident

Trident has a very high CBD but with around 6% of THC. You will seldom lose alertness or focus when using this strain but prepare to experience minimal cerebral effects as well.

3. Sweet CBD

It is a hybrid strain dominant in Sativa and originated from a Diesel family clone. Sweet CBD was noted to be the first strain to offer high CBD levels and low THC. The CBD is often at 8 to 15%, while its psychoactive content is less than 0.3%.

4. Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush or SHK is a crossbreed of Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush. It has three phenotypes with a ratio of, and the CBD levels are usually between 5 to 20%. This strain has a fruity or minty flavor with traces of cherry.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of CBD? Then, please focus on the high CBD strains since they can bring you physical and mental relief. Never forget to check with your local laws to check if your preference’s strain is acceptable in your area.

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