We at the CBD Shelter are passionate about uncovering evidence-based alternative medicine for people and their beloved pets, namely cats or dogs. A few are significantly well-informed on the benefits and uses of Cannabidiol (CBD). However, many are still hesitant concerning its validity and safety.

Hence, our mission is to make available the most practical, sound, and medically-reviewed online CBD content. We intend to summarize, synthesize, and collate the most widely used health information with the highest ethical morals about CBD.

CBD Shelter is founded to obey high standards for reliability, credibility, security, and privacy to let clients realize the incredible benefits of Cannabidiol.

We are dedicated to earning customers’ trust in using CBD to improve their well-being and that of their families. We want to have an instant and direct influence on improving the health experiences of individuals, even in the largely unregulated CBD business.

Our team of professionals and health enthusiasts will deliver online information seeing to it that high-quality standards and ethics are perceptible in the following undertakings:

  1. Provide health information related to Cannabidiol grounded on up-to-date research. Treat every personal data as confidential, and if the need arises to collect such, it must be treated with utmost privacy and respect.
  2. Help people expand their knowledge on their illness and discover alternative treatments that might help lessen side effects.

With the support of our well-researched articles concerning CBD, our team believes that customers can better:

  • Comprehend alternative treatment selections and make informed treatment verdicts.
  • Effectively communicate with others facing the same health issues, doctors, and family members.
  • Pick products to tailor fit their needs.
  • Have a remarkable resource for enhancing personal health while using CBD.

Furthermore, the principles that drive CBD Shelter help guide our standards in a comprehensive range of areas, mainly:

  • Disclosure of limitations
  • Transparency and exploration of CBD interactions anchored on published researches
  • Qualifications
  • Medical accuracy and authorship via medical reviewers
  • Reliability and accuracy of health information content
  • Promotions
  • Privacy Policies.

Indeed, everybody merits the chance to relish the potential benefits CBD can bring to humanity and pets. Here at CBD Shelter, we make it happen!