Although CBD was recently allowed for use, it has already become one of the most popular substances. This is thanks to its beneficial properties and fast effects on the human body.

Currently, there are many different and convenient ways of consuming CBD. All sorts of products can be bought, for example, oils, edibles, cremes, and CBD oral sprays. Some of them provide fast effects, and some do not. Some of them are easy to use, while others are a bit more complicated. 

In this review, we are going to look closer at its properties and effects as well as what it can treat and how to use it. 

What is CBD oral spray

CBD is one of the hemp plant`s compounds; consequently, the substance found in CBD spray has gone through the same extraction as it has in any other goods. Cannabinoids are extracted from this plant, separated and refined. The process of refinement takes out the advantageous molecules from the other particles. After that, the substance is integrated into the oil.

Two tasks in one are accomplished by hemp oil spray. On the one hand, the users consume CBD, on the other, they get a fresher breath. This product is an amazing option for those who have a busy life and do not have time to intake CBD in a more complicated way. 

How does CBD oral spray work 

The outstanding property of CBD is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system performs the following functions:

  1. It regulates balance in the body immune system.
  2. ECS provides communication between cells.
  3. Controls metabolism, mood, appetite, and fertility.
  4. Performs temperature regulation.

The particles of CBD oil spray mimic the behaviour of endocannabinoids and act on the system`s receptors – CB1 and CB2. This means that they can stimulate different physiological responses.

THC is another psychoactive compound of the hemp plant which can activate receptors to get a chemical response. This substance is regarded as the CB1 and CB2 receptors` agonist because it can bind and activate them. THC mostly interacts with CB1 because it fits inside the receptors perfectly, so it stimulates physiological reactions. For this reason, the “high” effect appears.  Although THC acts on CB2 receptors as well, this fact is not significant because the physiological response is not that strong.

CBD can cause chemical changes by means of blocking them. It bears a slight similarity to CB1 and CB2, so it happens to be an antagonist to agonists. This implies that CBD molecules do not fit the receptors perfectly and do not activate them but stop THC from binding them. 

That is why there is no need to worry that CBD oral spray contains THC of 0.3%. First of all, this amount is not enough to make you feel “high”. Secondly, it will not let it act on the receptors. Instead, it interacts with the human body systems in a positive way which allows treating a wide range of different diseases like epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and more.

The surprising thing is that it seems to be the panacea for all ills. The dosage can be different and lead to stronger or weaker effects. 

Types and differences of CBD spray

Right now, the market offers a lot of high-quality products so the consumers can always choose the best CBD spray for themselves. The bad part here is that there are more and more companies producing this kind of products so the quality can be compromised. With oral spray, it is easier to make inferior goods.

 The companies tend to add some extra ingredients to enhance the quality of the product`s taste. Hence, it is important for consumers to figure out where the producers take these ingredients from. There are many brands that get artificial “flavours” from laboratories. This is a drawback as such additives can weaken the product, and make the benefits of CBD less significant. Consequently, it is crucial for the users to make sure that CBD oral spray contains all-natural ingredients only.  

The following products are considered to be the best:

  • Jambo Superfoods. This product contains very few ingredients which are good. As a preservative, the company uses rosemary, and stevia is included to make it sweeter. They also make use of essential oils only, which makes this product advantageous. Clean Mint, for example, contains peppermint oil, and Sweet Cinnamon includes cinnamon oil. 
  • Honest Hemp. The producer uses innovative technology but there are some things that can put it into the “less preferred” list. For instance, the company applies ethanol as “carrier oil”. This ingredient will make the consumers feel the burn. On the other hand, they include essential oils, so this product has both benefits and drawbacks.
  • Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes. This formula is innovative indeed because liposomes surround the molecules of CBD to protect them from oxidation. This, in turn, improves the system`s bioavailability. The list of the used ingredients has some questionable things like xanthan gum, but overall the spray is regarded as a good one.

As you can see, different producers use different formulas; consequently, it is for the consumers to check every product before they purchase it.

How to use CBD oral spray 

While other forms of CBD products can be complicated in usage, oil spray is extremely easy to consume. There is no need to mix it with anything, wash it down with water or prepare it some other way. All the consumers are required to do is to pump it into the mouth. The substance will remain inside for 20 seconds and will be swallowed or spit out afterwards. 

Plus, there are CBD oil sprays for external use. It can be used locally so the consumers can spritz it on the inflamed or injured area. This form can also be utilized as a massage oil to relax muscles, or it can be used as a CBD spray for pain. 

Benefits of CBD spray 

Using CBD spray is very beneficial. It obtains the following advantages:

  1. It has higher bioavailability. This factor is a crucial one in the majority of supplements, medicines, drugs, etc. It implies the percentage of the substance that is absorbed. When comparing spray to other forms, it becomes obvious that the level of its bioavailability is higher. This way the human body will absorb a bigger amount of CBD and the effects will appear quickly. 
  2. It is absorbed in a very short period of time. Although inhaling and vaping are regarded as the fastest methods of consuming when it comes to the absorption time,  it is fast as well. When the consumers spritz the substance, it is scattered around the mouth and gets into blood almost immediately. The effects appear in 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. It is easy to use. Ease of use has made this form one of the leading ones. There is no need to prepare it as it is ready to be used. Another convenience is that they can be even used in public which differs oral spray from other products. Plus, CBD oil spray freshens your breath.

These are the major reasons why the consumers should opt for the mouth sprays. 

Effects of CBD spray 

Just like the rest of goods, the users can use CBD oral spray for pain. This makes this form an ideal option for those suffering from chronic pain and those who cannot utilize other methods. Besides that, oral and other forms obtain the following outstanding effects:

  • anxiety and depression relief. CBD is the compound famous for its anxiolytic and analgesic effects. This implies that it is able to help managing the depression and anxiety symptoms. As mentioned above, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and is helpful in regulating the hormone secretion;
  • fights acne and other skin problems. Oil spray is beneficial when solving different skin issues. Even if the users do not apply it directly on their skin, it may obtain a positive influence on its condition. For example, they can diminish puffiness, redness or psoriasis;
  • obtains anti-inflammatory properties. When the users apply it on their skin, CBD will restore the balance of the receptors and the inflammation will be regulated.

It is obvious that CBD oil spray obtains much more effects but the listed above are the most significant ones. If the consumers are curious about other effects of this miraculous product, they can see them on the Internet.

Side effects of CBD spray 

Although CBD spray and other products do not induce any side effects in most cases, there are still some consumers who experienced the following symptoms:

  1. Dryness of mouth. This is the common thing the users have to face. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and it blocks the signals to produce saliva.
  2. Drowsiness. This symptom does not occur that often, but the effect tends to differ from person to person. If the dosage is low, the product obtains the wake-inducing effect, while higher dosage can cause such a state.
  3. Drop in blood pressure. If the dose is high, blood pressure can become lower. For this reason, people who have this kind of health condition should intake CBD oral spray with caution. 
  4. Dizziness. This side effect is rare. If the consumers feel dizzy, they are advised to have a cup of coffee which will help to stabilize the balance.
  5. Change in appetite and diarrhoea. Even if these side effects occur due to the consumption of CBD, they are temporary and should eliminate in a short time.

These side effects are the common ones. Although they can cause some temporary inconvenience, they are not life-threatening, so the product is considered to be relatively safe.


  • Is it legal to consume CBD oil spray?

Oral sprays and other products are allowed in many countries around the globe but there are still several countries that restrict their usage. If you decide to use CBD for your treatment, you should study the laws of the place you live before you purchase it.

  • Can it be used by pregnant women?

No. Although CBD products have very few side effects, it is better for both pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid using it. According to several studies, the substance can impact on a baby’s health negatively.

  • Is it necessary to consult a doctor before I start using oil spray?

Yes. Even though CBD obtains a wide range of beneficial properties, and very few side effects, the consumers should not forget that it is a medication. The users should always talk to a doctor first. Besides, the physician is the one to decide how much CBD you are to take.

  • What does dosage depend on?

The dose you should receive depends on several factors such as weight, the treatment purpose, health condition and more. Your doctor is to consider all the factors and prescribe the required amount of CBD.


CBD products have become famous and widely used suddenly. In spite of that, there are already many different forms, one of which is a spray. It obtains many benefits. It is easy for the consumers to use it. The spray provides beneficial effects quickly. In most cases, companies add extra ingredients to make it taste and smell good which is also important. This way, the users do not have to force themselves to intake it. In addition to it, CBD does not cause any side effects in most cases.The experience of many people who are already consuming it plus CBD oil spray review should make it easier for you to decide what form to use.