cbd vape pen

Vaping became the choice of many people as a result of the negative attention smoking had gained over the years when vapor products flocked into the market and became popular. The nice tastes that they feature coupled with the fact that vaping is a better way of allowing CBD into the blood made the desire for vaping heightened. 

Most CBD vape kits and oil vape pens function like this. They confer a remarkable flavor so that there is always a feeling of satisfaction. This guide is not about how to make hash oil vape pen but more about weed vape pen oils or cannabis oil vape pen.

What is CBD Oil Vape Pen?

A CBD oil vape pen is a vaporizer that is shaped like a pen that consumes CBD oil in the vaping of e-juice. They are broadly classified into two: disposable and refillable vape pen. The refillable ones feature different styles of this essential oil vape pen, and a vast majority of them are discreet. 

On the other hand, disposable vape pens are cheap and convenient to start your vaping. One exciting feature of most vape pens is the fact that they come fully charged so that you don’t have to worry about charging them again.

Oil vape pens are odor-free, convenient, portable, and discreet. They feature an earthy taste and smell that some consumers may not like. But on a general level, most users have the choice of selecting the flavors they like, which makes it a better way of consuming products.

A lot of vape pens function the same way at their core. But there are slight differences in their build. The pen works by allowing the flow of power to a heating chamber. This chamber is the house of herbs, wax, or oil. When the chamber is thoroughly heated, there will be vapor. This vapor is what the consumers of products inhale with the aid of a mouthpiece.

Oil vape pens come in different types of flavors that deliver their delicious and unique tastes. From the blue raspberry that is simple and tasty to strawberry lemonade that imparts a sweet flavor, vaping is indeed an exciting way of consuming.

Vape pens have the same build parts. They include a battery that functions as the powerhouse of the pen. These batteries can be charged, but some of them come with batteries that have been pre-charged so that you don’t have to charge them again. The battery is contained in the longest part of the pen. 

Some of the best CBD oil vape pen starter kits also come with chargers. They frequently come with a micro USB that is used as a conduit for powering the pen. Consumers place the dry herbs, wax, concentrated CBD oil, inside the atomizer, or the heating chamber of the pen fixed to the battery. The mouthpiece which is used for the vapor inhalation is fixed the chamber.

Types and Differences of CBD Oil Vape Pen

There is a similarity between the vaping of oil and vaping of other products like CBD extract or isolate. All of them are vaporized through the conventional mod open and inhaled. Most of these methods do not guarantee an effective bioavailability of CBD in the body. Vaping is one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD because it guarantees that a sizable amount of CBD would be bioavailable for action in the body. The best oil vape pens and the best vape pen for weed oil are readily found in the market. The types are:

The Disposable Vape Pens

This method of consumption is one of the quickest ways of starting your journey of CBD oil consumption if you have no prior experience. They are pre-filled with CBD and feature an all-in-one unit battery that is fixed to the clearomizer or atomizer. Vape till you empty the tank and do away with the pen. This is indeed a very suitable way to see if vaping is the best method for you.

The Vape Cartridges

They come prefilled with combos of thinning agent/ extract, or distillate. You can screw the cartridge towards the end position of the battery and begin vaping. The best vape pen for oil cartridges is the standard 510 thread that is well-suited with the standard pen design batteries. There is a disposable and refillable pen for oil cartridges in the market.

Vape e-Liquid/Oil

Also known as e-juice, it is preheated CBD oil that can turn to vapors and inhale during the vaping process. This liquid is mostly marketed as a unique product and usually comes in a tincture bottle or a squeeze bottle. Refillable cartridges can be loaded with this liquid so that they can be loaded in a mod or vape pen. These products are enriched with CBD isolate or extract, thinning agents, and flavoring agents.

Top 5 Best CBD Vape Starter Kits:

  1. Vape Bright – Vape Bright Starter Pack
  2. Pure Hemp Botanicals – 500mg Pure Hemp CBD Oil Vape Kit
  3. Cloud 9 Hemp – Basic CBD Starter Vape Kit
  4. CBDfx – CBD Vape Kit
  5. Сanna Trading  – Vape Kit & Calm CBD Cartridge Bundle

How to use a CBD vape pen?

  • Load the tank with the CBD e-juice
  • Set the coil for maximum performance
  • Let alone for 5-10 minutes for coil saturation
  • For five times, hold down the power to turn the battery on
  • Dial-in your chosen setting if it features adjustable airflow 
  • Hold down the button during inhaling, begin with little puffs
  • Allow for 5-10 minutes during puff so that you can monitor its effect on you
  • Always begin slow, and then increase the dose
  • You may also like to start inhaling bigger puffs frequently
  • Don’t forget to clean it often

Benefits of CBD Oil Vape Pen

Good for the lungs

A lot of research studies indicate that consuming products through innovative and modern vape pens has a lesser deadly effect on your lungs than the traditional method of consuming it via smoking or inhalation through a bowl or joint.

It tastes better and feels smoother

The smoke that you inhale from a very good vaporizer or e-cig is arguably very smooth, just like taking your breath in the steam originated from a container of boiling water. Also, the inclusion of so many sweet flavors confers a better taste to it.

It can be of help when trying to quit smoking

There are a lot of methods and techniques that are used by many addicts that want to quit smoking. Whether you choose to accept it or not, the method of vaping is one of the most effective you can use when trying to quit your smoking habit.

It’s long-lasting and acts faster

Many people who consume these products via vaping testify to the fact that it is very fast in its action, and then, it probably acts for longer periods than the other methods of consumption.

Effects of CBD Oil Vape Pen

Of course, because CBD oil also functions as many drugs do, it is only reasonable to understand that it should temporarily distort the prevailing chemistry of the body. When it does, it can be of help and, in some cases, detrimental. Some of the most common effects are relief from anxiety and pains, relaxation, and uplifting mood. When it is administered in slightly higher doses, they can induce drowsiness and sleepiness while, in smaller doses, they can foster a mood of alertness.

The oils distilled from CBD do not usually have a high concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the major ingredient in cannabis that is psychoactive. It is the component that imparts a feeling of highness to those who consume it. These oils can give a feeling of comfort without necessarily making one paranoid or anxious. Below are some of the most popular effects that people who use the CBD report.

  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Less anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Sleepiness (in high doses)
  • Alertness (in low doses)
  • Improved mood

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Numerous researches have shown that there are some side effects associated with consumption. Their severity is often personal. The most common symptoms are:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in mood
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth

When you consume CBD, there is also a concurrent increase in the liver enzymes that acts as markers for inflammation of the liver. Hence, folks with liver diseases have to be extra careful when they want to use CBD. It is also essential they consult the services of their physicians or medical practitioners so that levels of these marker enzymes can be checked in their bodies.

It is usually not advisable for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers to consume oils. A recent study from a reputable source warns women to stay away from cannabis when they are pregnant to avoid some risks that may be adverse to the proper development of the child. Even though it is not exactly known how CBD does this, it has been known to be able to cross the barrier of the placenta, meaning that it can be a potential risk to the developing child.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oils are distilled from the cannabis plant. They are produced by infusing the specific kinds of oils with either full spectrum CBD or isolate. They are one of the numerous methods of consuming products. You can consume them either through vaping, sublingually, or eating it together with your food.

  • What Is CBD Isolate?

They are the crystalline and pure form of CBD. They are whitish in their appearance with a purity level of up to 99%. They are a product of many chemical processes like filtration and extraction that serve to turn wax into oil for a vape pen, terpenes, and cannabinoids from the powder. They are also used in the process of producing CBD oils, capsules, tinctures, and edibles.

  • What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

It is an extract of CBD oil that contains every part of the plant material, such as the waxes, essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids. This means that they have a more beneficial effect than the isolate because of the entourage effect, which works synergistically with a host of other chemicals. 

This type often contains small amounts of THC. Although the amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD oil is relatively small, a lot of standard tests can easily detect it.

  • Is CBD Vaping Safe?

It is relatively a very safe method of consumption. There are a lot of research studies that suggest that the practice of vaping CBD has faster results because it is easily diffusible to the blood. Hence, people who consume it for pain relief, this is the most suitable method of consumption.

  • Can I Overdose On CBD Oil?

It is highly improbable that you’ll overdose as a result of the absence of the receptor of CBD in the brainstem. This means that they do not readily influence the physiology of the body like blood flow and breathing.

  • Can I get addicted to CBD oil?

It is widely known that you can get any addiction when you consume CBD oil for a vape pen consistently for a long period. But then, it is in your best interest to consume a reasonable amount per day as advised by your doctor or health practitioner. Also, follow the instruction of the manufacturer before consuming it.


CBD vape pens, whether reusable or disposable, provides a simple and easy method of consuming CBD. There are no buttons in Disposable pens, plus they are self-contained and draw-activated. The best vape pen for CBD oil is widely distributed in the market. On the other hand, reusable pens can vape oils, just like other concentrates of cannabis origin.

It is also vital to remember the effects of consuming oils like stress relief, anxiety, and pain. There is no psychoactive effect that results from the consumption of oil. You can use it for therapeutic and medical purposes.