In our private life, we have dealt extensively with the topical hemp oil for pain. Here you will find a summary of the most important information about the main ingredient cannabidiol and its properties. We refer to medical/scientific facts, as well as to people who have already used a CBD ointment and shared their opinions on the Internet or via email. Due to the prevalent positive effects of CBD creams, we decided to write an article on our website, which explains their advantages, why they are worth buying, and our special recommendations. If one asks a question of can you use CBD oil topically, then the answer is yes.

CBD Body Oil Lotion — Production and Effect

Cannabidiol is the second major substance in cannabis, which, depending on its composition, has only a minimal to no psychoactive effect, as is the case with the first major substance tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short. While THC makes you “stoned”, cannabidiol even counteracts this.

Smoking would not give you the effect you would expect from CBD oil topical use — local effects are more in demand here. For this reason, cannabidiol is taken out of the plant and further processed as an extract. This is where quality characteristics come to the fore, which result above all from the cannabidiol content and the extraction process technology. Each naturally obtained full-spectrum product is therefore unique and may have different efficacy levels.

Does CBD cream work for pain? The properties of the ointments lie in intensive skincare and reduction of pain caused by skin damage. It also has an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect.

The CBD ointment contributes to increased well-being to those who seek a topical CBD oil for pain and, depending on the type, supports the faster healing process of wounds and injuries. In addition to numerous care products, there are other offers available on the market that help against a wide variety of complaints.

As the CBD cream does not influence psychological factors, it has no intoxicating effect and is not subjected to the BTM Act in Germany or many other European countries. Thus, the purchase, the possession, and the use are absolutely legal and officially permitted in Germany.

What Makes a CBD Ointment so Special and Can You Use CBD Oil Topically?

Meanwhile, you have surely heard that cannabis is to be legalized for medical purposes or is already used in some cases. This is based on cannabidiol, which is said to have healing effects. So, does CBD lotion work?

Cannabis has been known as a remedy in various cultures for centuries. Today, science has proven that this substance has an activating effect on body receptors and triggers different body reactions. For example, pain can be reduced and have a calming effect on the skin because the CBD lotion has a natural impact on the nervous system. It can also promote and accelerate other processes. Whether cell renewal, regulation of the moisture balance, antioxidant properties to strengthen and activate the immune system or wrinkle-reducing factors, according to numerous user opinions, a CBD ointment stands out due to its many health-promoting effects.

We can also rely on the extensive scientific studies that have been conducted by various institutions and individuals who state that, indeed, cannabinoids receptors in our bodies are activated by naturally occurring as well as synthetic cannabinoids. So, can CBD oil be used topically? As these receptors are also found in the skin, they are an integral part of the body’s signalling systems that give cells the ability to perceive and respond to stimuli in different parts of the body, such as using CBD lotion for back pain to target specific parts on the back.

CBD Hand Creams Moisturise and Relieve Pain

When it comes to using CBD lotion for pain, we had numerous letters that reached us about certain hemp care products with Cannabidiol, whereby in particular the regenerating hand cream with hemp oil and beeswax finds positive mention.

It consists of 99% natural ingredients and is used for cracked and dry hands. So, if you ask, “Can I use CBD tincture topically on the hands?” – The answer will be — yes, most definitely, as it consists mainly of oil and hemp seed extract with a high content of cannabidiol. These ingredients in CBD lotion for pain provide the dry and/or cracked skin with many nutrients, promote skin regeneration, reduce pain and the risk of inflammation and alleviate existing skin inflammations.

High-quality almond oil and shea butter in CBD oil lotion provide moisture to make the skin smoother and improve the. They have a calming effect on the skin and a positive influence on wrinkle formation and reduction.

The effectiveness of topical CBD for pain in the hands is underlined by other ingredients such as beeswax, lavender oil, and the oil from the West Indian sandalwood bark, which is responsible for the pleasant smell, giving a sweet note. In our Internet research, we found numerous testimonials about the CBD cream, which also mentioned improved skin circulation and faster wound healing.

By the way, some users reported that the CBD cream keeps insects away.

CBD Cream (Cannabidiol Creme) — Cannabis Against Skin Diseases?

CBD oil topical use can be seen by some to be controversial. When we talk about cannabis or hemp in Germany, everyone thinks directly of marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) intoxication, and logically also about the fact that consumption is illegal.

The hemp plant (also cannabis plant) can not only intoxicate but has about 85 further cannabinoids (besides the active substance THC) to which also the CBD (Cannabidiol) belongs. This may be useful for those who are still confused about the THC vs CBD topicals debate.

CBD is also utilized to make creams, which are intended for intensive skincare and to reduce pain caused by skin damage. This is due to the reason that one of the cannabinoid receptors called CB2 has a function in the cells that inhibit the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. These cells are called keratinocytes, and they are responsible for pain relief and guarding against viruses, parasites, and other things such as loss of water and heat. Since keratinocytes are vital in ensuring the health of the skin, the ability of cannabinoids to activate the cannabinoid receptors in the cells is critical to healing and sustaining healthy skin.

It is thus safe for one to denote that using cannabis topicals for pain, for example, CBDlotion for pain relief, is a safe bet.

CBD Creams for Athletes

In addition to CBD oil for sublingual absorption, many athletes can prove the soothing and muscle-relaxing effect of CBD gel for pain. The use of CBD cream for back pain after intensive workouts, especially in the competition phase, is important so that the muscles do not tense up. Athletes have described a muscle relaxing massage using cooling CBD balm as very pleasant and beneficial for muscle relaxation. Of course, you can also use the cooling CBD oil pain cream for muscle tensions that have occurred without your tireless efforts in sports.

Why Use CBD Creams (Cannabidiol Creams)?

If you think CBD creams are a miracle weapon or a cure-all, we have to disappoint you. Cannabidiol is not an active substance that can cure all diseases; even if there is a lot of research on different fields of application for CBD topical pain relief (such as for cancer, hepatitis, rheumatism, and nervous diseases), we cannot confirm its use for such matters. But if you want to use the CBD cream as a skincare product, then we can affirm that it has certain benefits. You should choose a high-quality CBD topical oil cream that is suitable for your skin.

CBD creams usually contain high-quality ingredients and provide dry or cracked skin with numerous nutrients. In addition, they ensure that skin regeneration is promoted, pain is reduced, and the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol is also intended to decrease skin inflammation and its general risk.

Contrary to the stubborn prejudice, CBD ointment for pain has no intoxicating effect and therefore does not produce a “high”. It can, therefore, be taken without hesitation in this respect. More extensive information on the active substance cannabidiol is already available on the Internet.

Are There Areas of Application for CBD?

As already mentioned, the active ingredient cannabidiol is tested and used in numerous fields of application, such as studying topical CBD oil benefits. The active ingredient cannabidiol is generally attributed to antioxidative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Below is an overview of the areas of application of CBD cream for external skin application.

Dry Skin

As previously stated, in CBD oil topical cream, the cannabidiol is supplemented with high-quality hemp oils or almond oils and beeswax. This leads to the fact that the creams donate a lot of moisture. Thus, they are generally an excellent moisturizer for the skin. The antioxidant effect of CBD provides additional nutrients.


Psoriasis is based on an autoimmune reaction, which means that the body’s own immune system is directed against the body. The causes are still unclear, but a genetic predisposition is probable.

Treatment of psoriasis is usually very time-consuming. Numerous studies have shown that CBD oil topical application creams (including CBD oil) have anti-inflammatory and, thus, regenerative effects on the skin.


The symptoms of neurodermatitis can vary greatly from person to person. In general, however, neurodermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that usually occurs in attacks, itching to painful and expresses itself in dry, often cracked skin.

Neurodermatitis is often very unpleasant for the patient, and the lasting treatment is, unfortunately, often very difficult. It is worth considering a CBD cream pain relief approach since we know that it is directly involved in activating the cannabinoid receptors in the epidermis.

Some studies have also proven the success of cannabis or hemp products in the form of CBD or cannabidiol in neurodermatitis treatment. Here, too, cannabidiol oil is frequently used, but creams containing the CBD active ingredient can also help.


CBD creams are also frequently used in the treatment of acne. The moisturizing ingredients complemented by the antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory action of cannabidiol can combat acne, skin irritations, and pimples by using CBD topical for pain that is caused by such irritations.

Use of CBD Creams

CBD creams are often supplied in pump bottles (see shaving creams). The cream should, of course, only be applied externally. Depending on requirements and application, the cream should be used once or twice a day, preferably in the morning or evening.

The desired skin areas should be rubbed with the cream and rinsed off after the cream has worked. If you’re using CBD ointment for back pain, it is worth having someone to help you to rub it into the skin. Therefore, an application of the Cannabidiol cream before or during the shower is recommended.

What Should Be Considered When Buying CBD Creams (Cannabidiol Cream)?

There are numerous suppliers of CBD products on the market and, thus, also of creams with the active ingredient cannabidiol. Unfortunately, there are some black sheep like everywhere else, although it can be said that many suppliers behave very conscientiously there are still some aspects that should be considered when buying CBD products:

  • CBD creams should not contain THC for reasons of legality.
  • High purity of 99.5% or more is good
  • If possible, products without CBDa should be purchased
  • Ideally, products should be ISO-certified.

Conclusion on the Topic of CBD Lotion 

Those who are plagued by skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis have certainly tried a few things to get a grip on them. Cortisone-containing products are often used, which should not be applied for a long time due to the side effects (weight gain, water retention, and other skin irritations). Such people may want to give cannabis topicals for pain a chance.

A purely natural product, combined with shea butter and CBD, for example, can be used for long without any undesirable side effects.

Cannabidiol has an antiseptic and skin-soothing effect when used externally. Especially with allergies, skin irritations, and other skin diseases, users report good results.

Hemp products are becoming more and more popular. Whether on forums, on our side, or even with your dermatologist — you can hear positive empirical reports from all corners.

For the skincare, creams are used; however, likewise ever more frequently. Today you will find a wide range of care products of all kinds that are mixed with CBD. Our readers are particularly enthusiastic about the diversity of the products. Good creams from Hemtouch absorb quickly and do not leave a lubricating film on the skin. They are well tolerated. Even people who are prone to severe allergies can often use the products without problems.

Can you apply CBD oil topically in the case of acne or other skin problems? Yes, because creams with CBD often show positive improvements after only a short time. Among other things, we use hand cream in our editorial department, which we would like to introduce to you in detail.