cbd chewing gum

Several years ago, cannabidiol was not legal; gradually, the medical benefits became overt. Today, the market is inundated with it.

The increasing itch for the discovery of an accelerated means of consuming CBD has contributed to the invention of several CBD-laced (or coated) products. The market is now flooded with face masks, chocolate bars, pills, etc. ingested with cannabidiol. Finally, you can now munch your CBD in the form of chewing gum.

CBD gum is CBD-infused chewing gum. CBD is extracted from cannabis and has a lot of health benefits. With its growing popularity in the medical world, the demand for it has leaped. CBD oil is a popular product, but with the complaints about the unpleasant taste of this product, a craftier and tastier CBD product has been introduced. The bubble gum is flavored like normal gum. With a little munch and pops, you will have CBD dissolving straight into your bloodstream.

Is this gum effective? How does it work? I don’t like bubblegum; can I get an alternative? All of these questions will be answered soon.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

CBD gum is one of the most popular cannabidiol products. With thousands of searches on Google, it is gradually becoming a CBD movement. This product has gained more popularity because of its discreetness. It has been confirmed that some products release the cannabidiol into the blood faster than others. This type of chewing gum is the trend.

It dissolves CBD into your system through oral absorption as opposed to the usual absorption through digestion. It doesn’t just open you up to a modest means of consuming CBD; it also gives you a fresh breath. Why not join the bandwagon and get some cannabinoid straight into your system?

How does CBD Chewing Gum Work?

This bubble gum is efficient, and you will have the CBD floating in your bloodstream in no time. Your body imbibes the infused CBD. The cannabidiol is unleashed into your system through the sublingual cavity. The extent of the gum’s efficiency depends on the composition of the gum and whether it has multiple layers. Multilayered cannabidiol equals extended-release.

To a large extent, you check the bioavailability of the gum. How? Once you swallow your saliva, you get stuck with the bioavailability of any other edible CBD product. To get the highest bioavailability out of a cannabidiol gum, avoid swallowing your saliva for as long as you can. Once you swallow your saliva, it becomes an oral absorption. Munching the gum without swallowing makes the CBD take the sublingual route. The sublingual route leads straight into your bloodstream without going through your liver. The good thing about this is that your body gets all the CBD infused in the gum in one piece.

It’s better to ingest this gum after a meal to prevent it from hitting the acid in your stomach immediately (you don’t want this to happen).

When you chomp the gum, the cannabidiol in it dissolves into your saliva; this helps your body absorb it effortlessly. Having CBD gum as a “post-meal munch” not only freshens your breath but gives the CBD enough time to oxidize before having any contact with your acidic stomach water.

Is CBD Chewing Gum Effective?

The effectiveness of CBD is wrapped up in the means of release. Confusing? Let’s shed more light on that. Most manufacturers battle a major problem, which is: releasing cannabinoids into the mouth through gum base. CBD gets stuck at the gum base, making it difficult to release most of the CBD into the mouth. According to the lead scientist behind the development of CanChew plus, the first attempt to make CBD gum (CanChew) was not effective. Despite 14 years of research, the difficulty of releasing cannabidiol into the saliva through the base of the gum proved unsolvable.

If the CBD does not get released through the base of the gum, 50% of the cannabidiol remains in the gum after munching it for an hour. However, CanChew was able to resolve this eventually with the Canchew plus. The fact that this CBD gum bypasses the liver and takes the cannabidiol straight to the bloodstream, and makes it more effective than the other products.

The Best CBD chewing gums

If you want an effective CBD gum, you have to ensure you go for the best. With the popularity of this special gum, several companies have become manufacturers, and there are so many brands out there. You don’t have to try several gums to find the best one, that’s why we have come up with a solution which is a shortlist of the best CBD chewing gums out there.

Endoca ($15)

endoca chewing gum

Endoca allows you to experience the benefits of CBD by just chomping for a short period. This gum breaks down and dissolves 100% of the CBD content of the gum into your system. The oral absorption of Endoca CBD gum doesn’t cut down the bioavailability; every particle of cannabidiol is maximized. The synthetic ingredient is zero, it is sugar-free and is sweetened naturally with xylitol, and the minty nature helps you refresh your breath.

Endoca is quite affordable and 100% certified. This product is safe for consumption and trusted because it’s lab-tested. A single gum contains 15mg of CBD, with 10 gum pieces per box, you have a lot of active and effective CBD bubble gums to consume.

CanChew (69.99)

canchew chewing gum

A piece of this chewing gum contains 50mg of CBD hemp oil and 10mg of natural CBD. This product is completely natural and has a lot of distinctive features qualifying it as the best. It is perfect for busy people. This patented low-calorie gum passes the austere food standards and can be consumed by all ages.

Two chiclets per day are the recommended serving size, and you will have enough to last you for 30 days. That way, you never have stale CBD gum. Due to external factors, the quality of the gumball dwindles once it becomes stale. It’s quite affordable and easy to order; a continuous flow of this cannabidiol chewing gum will work wonders.

MedCBDX ($19.99)

MedCBDX chewing gum

This gumball offers 10mg of CBD per chiclet. MedCBDX is the third on our list for a reason- Sorbitol. Sorbitol gives MedCBDX a perfect flavor, but it is unfriendly to blood sugar levels. This also contains other artificial ingredients aside sorbitol. It’s unsafe to pick a CBD product carelessly, pick it out painstakingly.

Despite all these, the product remains one of the most effective CBD products. It all depends on your choice.

CBD Gummies – The other option

If chewing gum is a total turnoff for you, we have good news for you. You don’t have too much gum to get CBD into your system; there is an alternative. CBD gummies! Gummies are just another effective and speedy way to ingest cannabidiol. What are CBD gummies? They are candies ingested with CBD.

The gummies vary in size, shapes, and CBD concentration. Just like the gums, you get all the benefits of CBD in no time. There is a clause attached to the use of gummies: be careful. There are several gummies made of harmful ingredients. Pick the best product available; check the ingredients thoroughly. Sometimes it’s better to go for a trusted product.


Despite various inventions that come up daily, CBD seems to be the most effective. By chomping a gum, you have the opportunity to ravish all the benefits of a CBD chewing gum. This is the easiest means of ingesting CBD. Get the perfect CBD chewing gum, pop some gum, interesting medications don’t come this easy.