CBD has become an extremely popular health supplement worldwide. It is incredibly versatile and can be taken in the form of tinctures, spray oils, capsules, gum candies and concentrates like CBD wax or dabs, or CBD shatter.

If you are new to the subject, CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the many chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The most famous cannabinoid is THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It is he who makes people “travel”.

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties, which means you won’t get stoned when using it.

In this article, we’ll explore CBD oil concentrate in more detail, including our top rated products, when to use them, how to choose a quality company, and more!

What is CBD concentrate?

People consider «concentrates» as a specific category of hemp extracts that are highly concentrated. They are made by extracting terpenes, cannabinoids and other active phytochemicals from hemp plants. The remaining material is discarded and the end result is a CBD concentrate wax.

The usually contained amount of CBD in wax is from 30% to 80%.

However, if you remove waxes from the extracts it will easily increase this number to 99.9% of content of cannabinoid – another name for which is CBD fragments.

If you want to go to the next purification level, then you need to remove all cannabinoids, except for only CBD. You will then be able to get a specific CBD crystal that is power-isolated.

How does CBD concentrate wholesale work?

The adenosine receptors can be activated by CBD at the moment it gets in contact with the central nervous system. With their activation, myocardial oxygen consumption, coronary blood flow, along with cardiovascular functions are now being regulated.The sensation of anxiety, pain, tension, chest tightness or shortness of breath are provided with these receptors. 

Besides, they also are important for regulation of the neurotransmitters in the brain, dopamine and glutamate. The dopamine is known to produce different pleasant body feelings, it also has its impact on mood, sleep, memory and attention.

THC and CBD are the two main marijuana’s active compounds. Both of these acronyms can individually fight cancer and when they are working together they can rapidly generate synergy. The scientist are still researching the results of this incredible synergy. In the great number of countries marijuana is still a banned substance, which definitely makes further investigation complicated.

Only private research centers and a few universities can provide the results of their studies. These researches take really much time, at the same time becoming more effective and generally better. Some of them claim that cannabis  and cancer have some kind of direct relationship. This might be a great way to suppress the bad effects of the disease or maybe become an important solution overall.

Anyway, unfortunately, until the society accepts this substance and allows the scientific community to keep on researching all the effects and great possibilities this plant provides, all we can do is wait. These days, everybody has heard about the significant cannabis properties, and psychological or physical discomfort can be both changed with CBD usage.

Types and differencies of CBD concentrate oil

Today we can find many different forms of CBD and consume, such as steam oil, liquid, glass or cartridge. Next, we will offer you a list of the different options you can consume for the substance in question.

  • CBD Oil: This amazing oil has different potencies, it ranges from 2.5% to 15% of CBD, and can be regulated. CBD oils are mostly naturally extracted and various brands are advertising them. These oils do not have a trace of THC and are an ideal option for those seeking the pure CBD concentrate vape effects.
  • CBD Cosmetics: Organic hemp CBD cosmetics are mainly balm-type  hand creams, ointments and body lotions, and many more. These products are also free from THC, only natural ingredients are used to create them and they will work well for any type of skin.

How to use CBD concentrate?

CBD concentrates may be smoked, vaporized, used topically or consumed orally. The very high dose of CBD allows users to achieve powerful effects with very small portions.

Concentrates are the CBD format that is the most versatile now, but as everything else they also have disadvantages.

CBD concentrates have a really high power which is practically a serious problem. You can use 1 mg more of this concentrate and the extract’s effects will be significantly altered. That is why, we give you an advice, if you are not an experienced user of CBD, don’t try concentrates.

The one thing you definitely shouldn’t worry about is getting high. CBD dabs and waxes, along with other forms of 1000 mg CBD oil concentrate have less than around 0.3% THC contained, this means one thing – no psychoactive effects will be brought on you and, of course, you can legally consume them.

One more tip, pay attention to the packaging before you decide to make a purchase. Will you order your product from a country where THC is legalized and given a concentrate full of THC? It’s better to be safe.

Benefits of CBD concentrate

If you need a quick relief suffering from different symptoms like inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, or even panic attacks – CBD Concentrates are the best thing you can try. Their price is usually very low because in general the long list of ingredients can influence the product cost, and in this case, there is nothing else.

Smoking or vaporizing concentrates is the best way to use CBD to fight the sudden symptoms you might feel. When you inhale CBD, your bloodstream absorbs it fast, we’d rather say immediately. So apparently, your waiting won’t be long, it can not take more than around thirty minutes max before the benefits appear.

According to an interesting study that took place not long ago, if you smoke, about 18% of the active ingredients become available to your body, and if you consume orally it’s just 6% (edible or capsules).

Effects of CBD concentrate


This is one of the relatively new fields of use of cannabidiol, especially in children with severe forms of epilepsy (20-30 seizures per day). Such children are very difficult to treat, this form is resistant, difficult to treat. Data from several studies show that cannabidiol in this regard so far looks like the most effective treatment. It does not give 100% efficiency, but so far there is nothing better.

Social phobia

Another interesting area of ​​application is the use in patients with social phobia. There is a special simulator: they put the patient in front of the screen and imitate public speaking – something that causes such fear in such people. Judging by research, cannabidiol is effective enough to treat social phobia. It is very difficult to treat, many doctors know how disabling this condition can be. I had a patient – a brilliant violinist who did not take place due to social phobia. It was a disaster for him to go on stage and play, but at home – please. Unfortunately, they did not yet know about cannabidiol.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

There are several studies that show that use of cannabis products in patients with PTSD reduces flashback intensity (an involuntary revitalization of a traumatic experience through unusually vivid memories, during which it seems that a terrible reality from the past invades the real life. For example, ATO warriors can hear explosions, try to hide from imaginary bombs, etc.). This can not yet be called evidence, but it’s worth further research. Negative effects have not yet been observed. A study is underway to use (you will be surprised) very low doses of LSD for the treatment of PTSD. In negligible quantities that show a certain effectiveness.

Side effects of CBD concentrate for sale

Does CBD have any side effects? Can CBD help the user fall asleep or sleep better? It depends solely on your point of view. CBD can have a sedative and soothing effect. A big number of patients, writing testimonials about concentrates, comment on how “relaxed” they feel after consumption.

Let’s think about this, two people are trying really hard to finally fall asleep, to your opinion, which one would do it much faster, if the first is tense and stressed out, and the second person is relaxed and much calmer?

The sleep problems are commonly associated with stress. Of course, it’s easy to suggest that less stress is related to better sleep quality. Also, all our bodies are very different, which makes it clear that one thing that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. An interesting point from one study argues that the administration of lower CBD amounts results in a better waking state, while higher amounts produce a deeply pleasing sleep.


CBD hemp oil has become very popular in the last few years, so there are always new CBD hemp oil products appearing on the market. You can now find dozens of them. You can now take CBD oil alone, it is sold in drops, capsules, tinctures, different types of liquids.

If you really want to avoid the THC trace that can be easily detected in a big number of CBD hemp oil products, now there are CBD zero-THC hemp oil products available.

What is the cost per mg of CBD?

You will find products in many different sizes and concentrations, in various price ranges.

How to compare them significantly?

If price is a deciding factor in your purchase, use cost per mg CBD to compare similar products.

To calculate this number, just divide the product cost by the total mg of CBD in the package. So you know exactly the cost of the ingredient you are looking for – CBD.

You can also use this number to compare tinctures to capsules, e-liquids to gum candies, and so on.


Concentrates are one of the best ways to consume CBD and feel its effects quickly.

If you have tried bongs or electronic cigarettes before and know how to use them, next time add some drops of CBD and you will really enjoy the process much more.

For experienced users, concentrates provide one more way to make a plan of your treatment more effective. They can be combined with other CBD products, capsules or maybe tinctures, or you might even use them to make your own or edible threads.

If you are a novice when it comes to CBD but you have used vaporizers and bongs before, you will realize that CBD waxes are an easy way to get started.

CBD can rapidly enter your bloodstream if you prefer inhalation to other methods, so it’s obvious that concentrates are a perfect option for those who crave for frequent relief from awful things like, for example, panic attacks.
Now you know all the valuable information about concentrates, so we hope you will use our tips and find the best best CBD concentrate. We’ve tried really hard working on this one for you, so don’t waste another hour.