Those people who do not consume a combination of CBD and caffeine may be wondering what this all is about. Thus, before we start looking at things from the scientific point of view, it is necessary to understand why people would combine them.

There are consumers who intake coffee and CBD unintentionally. This means that they just take their cannabidiol capsules or oil at a similar time to having this drink. At the same time, there are some enthusiasts who go for this combination on purpose. Those individuals who are new to this compound do not usually want to buy the product until they know what it is. The thing is that such goods are not as cheap as they cost at least 50 dollars per bottle. Such people are offered a nice solution, which is to visit a local café and have any coffee with the compound. Hence, they get an easy and cheap trial.

What are the effects of CBD and caffeine?

The next question which bothers people after “Can I put CBD oil in my coffee?” happens to be “How does each product affect my body?”. Hence, we are going to look at it closer.

CBD and the human body system

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which happens to be an extract received from the Hemp plant. The compound is one of more than a hundred phytocannabinoids, which is also studied extensively. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is another compound of the hemp plant. Both cannabidiol and THC obtain such a structure which is similar to one of the human body endocannabinoids. This allows them to act on cannabinoid receptors in central nervous and neurological systems. Scientists claim that the extract can be used to reduce pain and manage inflammation; consequently, the compound is applied to treat various health conditions from depression to cancer. This differs cannabidiol from THC that has an intoxicating effect and is almost fully eliminated from the product.

Caffeine and the human body system

Caffeine acts as a stimulant of the human central nervous system. The major effect that you would notice almost immediately is increased alertness. People who are prone to anxiety disorders it is that effect which can be the reason for anxiety, jitters, and panic attacks due to its combination with blood pressure and heart rate increase. If you have too much coffee, you may experience nausea and headaches.

It is probable that one of the reasons for such popularity of putting CBD oil in coffee is that the caffeine side effects are neutralized thanks to the interaction with cannabidiol.

Caffeine and CBD oil combination: the anecdotal evidence

There are many people who believe that using caffeine and CBD simultaneously reduces the number of coffee side effects, for example, nausea and anxiety. They also claim that this combination removes the jittery edge, which is often induced by caffeine. Moreover, the consumers also strongly believe that using the products they become extremely energetic and focused.

The truth is that there is a lack of researches on the health benefits of the compound, especially when it is about cannabidiol use in combination with other products. In our article, we are relying on research evidence, as well.

Caffeine and CBD oil combination: the scientific facts

It is a well-known fact that cannabidiol has only recently become legal in many countries, and more studies are being carried out.

The World Health Organization has introduced a report which states that the compound is not likely to induce effects that are usually associated with cannabinoids like THC. They have also concluded that the derivative cannot be harmful to the human body in case of excess consumption. Thus, the compound is regarded as relatively safe and well-tolerated.

In the interview with Marie Claire, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, who is the Medical Director of California diagnosis clinic and a winner of Medical Professional of the Year Award, 2017, shared that we do not know much about adding CBD in coffee. Currently, it is not clear how exactly these two products interact. The thing is that the derivative acts as a stimulant in low doses, while higher doses can result in sedation. It is also hard to predict what the reaction in every case would be like as different doses induce different responses.

In addition to individual characteristics and cannabidiol dosage, there is also the specific cannabidiol oil strain which is important as well. For instance, some strains are meant to relax, and others impact on focus, appetite, and anxiety. Such a variety makes it hard to predict what effects will occur if you add cannabidiol in coffee.

How much CBD oil should I put in coffee?

If you have decided to consume cannabidiol and make it yourself, you need to know how to make CBD coffee. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out how much cannabidiol is required. The dosage depends on many factors such as health conditions, weight, age, the concentration of the product, and many more. Although the compound is not likely to induce side effects, there are still not comfortable conditions such as diarrhea and vomiting, for instance. Depending on the purpose, the dosage can be up to 200 mg of cannabidiol, but it is always better to define your own dosage. It is also a good idea to buy a pre-made cannabidiol coffee because it is an easier option.


Cannabidiol has become popular thanks to its beneficial effects that are helpful in treating a wide range of health issues.

Coffee is a wonderful drink many people use to get improved effects.

The combination of these two products is still being researched, so there is no exact answer yet.

In spite of that, many consumers have already started drinking coffee with several drops of oil. The good part is that there seem to be no severe side effects of such a drink.

Talk to your doctor to decide if you really need this combination. If you do, make your best CBD coffee and enjoy it.